TIME IS LOVE.6 - 2013

                                                   Under your skin, Cristina Picchi & Yuval Gerstein

TIME IS LOVE announces the list of participant artists for the 6th edition - 2013  in UK, USA, Germany, Norway, Iran, Netherlands.

Aditi Kulkarni (India) is based in Pune, India. She is a multi-disciplinary artist. As an artist she is working in a wide range of mediums. She finds inspirations for her visual language in her surroundings. Aditi has participated in various residencies, film-video festivals, museums and workshops in India and abroad. Currently showcased her film/video at Moscow Museum of Modern Art, at Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents, 2012 edition - INexactly THIS, National Gallery Modern Art, Delhi- Skoda Show and India Art Fair.
                                                       Absorb, Aditi Kulkarni

Anthony Peskine (France) works across video, multimedia, installation, drawing and photography. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Peskine has presented works at Galerie Catherine & André Hug, Grand palais, Paris; Villa Dutoit, Geneva; TETHER, Notthingham; Artspaced, Townsville (Australia).
                                                        Before After, Anthony Peskine                                

Bill Millett (UK) is a Glasgow based photographer and filmmaker whose aim is to take the camera out of its normal context and utilise it as a canvas. He has participated in numerous exhibitions at various venues internationally, including the Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow; Ceramic Museum, Lisbon; Banana Park Gallery, Berlin; Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne (Australia).
                                                                  Postcard from a stranger, Bill Millett                                                  

Ciriaca Erre (Switzerland) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Switzerland. Versatile, visionary, reflective, ironic and provocative, she loves an interplay of various artistic languages and expressive codes. A true nature of Cirica+Erre is to cast doubt on certain ideas, bring various aspects into question, and to spark off a chain of manifold notions. The power of her works lies in the sense of truth in which they are intertwined, in her courage to put on the stage fragments of life.
Recently her works have been displayed at various prestigious museums like MAMM, Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, Macro Testaccio Museum in Rome, during the International Festival of Photography in Musei Civici in Reggio Emilia, at Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi and Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, as well as at the Institute for Italian Culture in Berlin. She has created a new style concept for a major airline, and created a sculpture for the Park Museum in Portofino, Italy.
I'm bare...dedicated to my computer, Ciriaca Erre

Cristina Picchi (Italy/UK) is an Italian documentary filmmaker and writer based in London. As a filmmaker she has directed and edited the documentaries Fragments of a Dream (2011), Under Your Skin (2011), The Disassociated (currently in post-production) and Tobacco Dock (2010). Her films have been screened in festivals and galleries such as the London International Documentary Film Festival and the National Portrait Gallery of London.
Her written work includes short stories and contributions to award-winning books.
She holds a degree in European Literature from the University of Pisa and and a master's degree in Screen Documentary from Goldsmiths University.
                                                      Under your skin, Cristina Picchi & Yuval Gerstein                                                      

Danny Germansen (Denmark) is a visual artist using video, film & art photography. Main body of work are inspired by a life with disability, depression and mental breakdown. His works were showcased at Galerie Younique, Paris; Valby Kulturhus, Copenhagen; Museu José Malhoa, Caldas da Rainha (Portugal); AFA Gallery, Beijing (China).
                                                          Alienation & loneliness, Danny Germansen

Dellani Lima (Brazil) studied research "Drama" and "Film &Television" at Instituto Dragão do Mar de Arte e Indústria Audiovisual do Ceará/UECE, Brazil. His production style uses numerous techniques with digital manipulation and recording in low resolution and fidelity. His works have been included in important exhibitions in Brazil and abroad: New Museum, New York; Media Forum, Moscow; CologneOFF, Germany; JVC Tokyo Video art Festival, Japan.
                                                                                   Estrela, Dellani Lima                                              

Denis Brun (France) creates collage and assemblage. He writes short stories and take photos. He samples and composes music on computers. Denis also makes videos.
Select exhibitions include: Musée d'Art Contemporain, Nice (France); Saatchi Gallery, London; Galerie Théo de Seine, Paris; Self Help Graphic, Los Angeles; Gallery Cultural Speech, Amsterdam.
                                                                       The walk, Denis Brun                                              

ELASTIC Group (Italy) are a couple of artists Alexandro Ladaga and Sylvia Manteiga. Their work is characterized by strong conceptual aspects that evolve from a deep analysis of the world around them.
They had exhibitions at prestigious institutions such as Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Roma; Museum of contemporary Art, Chicago; Museum of Contemporary Art, Rijeka (Croatia); Kunsthalle, Vienna...

                                                            La condition Humaine, ELASTIC Group

Eugene Perera (UK) gained an MA in History of Art from Sussex University. His practice is an enquiry into divergent manifestations of value - symbolic, economic, social and the personal - and the alchemical moments in which 're-valuations of value' are revealed. Such moments are often associated with the exercise of power and the perception of risk. He employs sculpture, video, collage, photography, installation and the performative game.
Many exhibitions and screenings at WhiteChapel Gallery, Transition Gallery, London; Glastonbury Festival, TAA Venue, UK; Oliver Gallery, Oakland (USA) among others.
                                                                                 Untitled, Eugene Perera                                                              

Evelin Stermitz (Austria), M.A., M.Phil., studied Media and New Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and holds the degree in Philosophy from Media Studies. Her works in the field of media and new media art focus on post-structuralist
feminist art practices. In 2008 she founded ArtFem.TV – Art and Feminism ITV (http://www.artfem.tv) and received a Special Mention for the project at the IX Festival Internacional de la Imagen, VI Muestra Monográfica de Media Art, University of Caldas, Manizales, Colombia, in 2010.
Her works have been exhibited and screened at various venues such as the Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City / Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina / PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli / CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy / Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia / Fundació Joan Miró and CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Spain / Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, USA / MAC/VAL Musée d’Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne, France / Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY, USA / International Museum of Women, San Francisco, USA.
                                                                   Into the Mirror, Evelin Stermitz
Francesca Fini (Italy) has worked as a filmmaker for TV, independent and experimental productions. She currently participates as a video artist, live media performer and body artist in numerous happenings at galleries, museums and underground sites such as the MACRO contemporary art museum, Roma; Invisible Dog Gallery, New York; 91mQ Project Space, Berlin; Wro Art Center, Poland.
                                                                      Muybridge Remix #2, Francesca Fini                                                             

Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman (France) work with video, photography, performance, sound and installation.They investigate subjects such as dominant/dominated relationships, social yokes, gender and its limits and ambiguities, issues of the double and of the multiple characters under a single skin, codes and what happens to them out of their context, or yet the identity, status and image of Woman...
Recent performances, exhibitions and screenings include DIMANCHE ROUGE Festival of Experimental Performances in Paris, Dreamspace Gallery and Prince Charles Cinema in London.
                                                 The secret, Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman                                                        

Isidora Ficovic (Serbia) graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She recontextualises elements of everyday life such a social performance, music, history, movies and other art works, to create altogether new circumstances that shift the viewers consciousness and sense of time in contemporary space.
Ficovic has exhibited at DKSG, Belgrade; New Museum, New York; Frieze Projects, London; Primo PianoLivin, Lecce (Italy).
                                                                    Replicant & ladybird, Isidora Ficovic                                                                

Jangyoung Jung (Korea) graduated from the Kunstakademie Stuttgart and employs video, photography and drawing. Many exhibitions at various locations including, Seoul Municipal Museum, Korea ; Museum Singen, Singen, Germany; Gallery Macy, New York; Gallery Schuster, Miami...
                                                         But I am... Jangyoung Jung                                              

Jennida Chase (USA) is an electronic artist who currently combines several aspects of media-based art, ranging from film, video, animation, sound and photography.  Her BFA was completed at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1998 with a concentration in film, video and sound.  In 2009 she completed her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University’s department of Photography and Film. Themes within her work deal with relational interaction played out in society at large.  Her work has been extensively shown in galleries and film/video festivals.  Jennida regularly collaborates with electronic artist Hassan Pitts in S/N Coalition.  She also performs with experimental sound and multi-media ensemble Pilottone, and is a member of Video-Gang.
                                                  Lollipop, don't be a hero, Jennida Chase                                                          

Jennifer Abessira (France/Israel) is an artist-photographer, born in Paris, currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2011 she received her MFA from Tel Aviv University.That year she has been chosen by Dazed & Confused as one of the 10promising photographers. Since then, her works were exhibited in many
galleries in Tel aviv and worldwide, such as the Sommer (Tel Aviv), The Milan Triennale, KK Outlet (London), an outdoor exhibition in Jerusalem, among others. Abessira also has collaborated with Vivienne Westwood for her"100 days of active resistance" project.
Last year she has created her own ongoing project, "Elastique", a combination of images with her photographs in order to reduce them to their core. Moreover, Elastique is a living archive of images seeking to make'universal peace" throughout visual and art. Elastique zine was published in december 2012 by Pogo Books (Berlin).
                                                        Sicily 2012, Jennifer Abessira

Joas Nebe (Germany) is a self-taught artist who holds degrees in psychology and literature. He had lectureships about film for big companies like Reemtsma Cigarettes and for the University of Hamburg. Joas had exhibitions in Berlin (Berlin Biennale), China (Intrude Art & Life 366 Project, Zendai Moma), USA (Art Expo Architectural and Video Art Event), UK (Edinburgh Art Festival 08), Portugal (FocFest), the Netherlands (Shaping TI City) and Thailand (Switch Media eletron pathiharn supernatural Art Festival) and many countries. Joas's works are in collections of the Deutsches Institut fuer Animationsfilm, Dresden (Germany) and the Joop Van Den Ende Collection, Amsterdam. Since 2000, Joas works as freelance curator. His first video art project Encyclopedic Cartoons had special mentions on Saatchi blog and kunst blog.
                                                                              Fortune cookie's proverb, Joas Nebe                                                                                    

Jonas Nilsson (Sweden) works with moving image as major way of expression. He has studied at art colleges and universities in England and Japan. He is currently interested in issues surrounding the stressful and high tempo of the western way of life; the increasing amounts of time and money spent by individuals on becoming successful, and the consequences of such achievements. His works have mainly been shown at screenings and festivals in Europe and north America.
Nilsson is co-founder and curator of art:screen which is an international event and platform focusing on moving image.
                                                                           The choice, Jonas Nilsson

Joy Whalen (USA) received her BFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2005 and her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2007. She has exhibited extensively in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, as well as internationally. In October 2007, Whalen was a core performer in Memorial Gestures at the Chicago Cultural Center, choreographed by Ernesto Pujol and is currently part of the UTE HAUS associated performance group, which debuted at The Marina Abramovic Center for Performing Arts in 2011. Her video work is part of the Souvenirs from Earth television broadcast program, Cologne, Germany. Whalen lives, works and exhibits in New York City.
                                                All the bravery we have in all the world, Joy Whalen                                          

Kokou Ekouagou (Togo)'s practice encompasses video and photography, installation and painting to reflect on the classifications and constructs of everyday reality. He has shown his work at Museo/Centro Contemporanea Ticino, bellinzona (Switzerland); Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA (USA); Saatchi Gallery, London; Galerie Lucrece, Paris; Happy Hours, Milan; Raffles Institute, Shanghai.
                                                                   In the farm, Kokou Ekouagou                                                                

Kent Anderson Butler (USA) is a Los Angeles based artist working in a variety of mediums including video installation, performance and photography. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally including: The International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Venezuela, The Pasadena Museum of California Art, Fringe Exhibitions – Los Angeles, Orange County Museum of Art, Cave Gallery- Brooklyn, NY, Photo Miami, Track 16 Gallery- Santa Monica, Carl Berg Projects-West Hollywood, Art Center College of Design, and Hunter College, NY. His video work is also in the video art libraries at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and Fringe Exhibitions.
                                                            Embodied Departure, Kent Anderson Butler

Larissa Sansour (Palestine/UK) was born in Jerusalem and studied Fine Art in Copenhagen, London and New York. Her work is interdisciplinary, immersed in the current political dialogue and utilises video art, photography, experimental documentary, the book form and the internet.
Sansour borrows heavily from the language of film and pop culture. Her work features in galleries, museums, film festivals and art publications worldwide such as the Tate Modern, London; Jeu de Paume, Paris; Kunstmuseum Bonn; Oakland Museum of California, USA; Jack the Pelican, New York...
                                                 Run Lara run, Larissa Sansour                          

Larry Caveney (USA) is interested in using his performative and video art to create bridges of communication within a community.
His work has been presented at Arnot Art Museum, New York; Garage 4141, San Diego; Casoria Museum, Naples; Louise T Blouin Institute, London; RuArts Gallery, Moscow...
                                                              In Defense of Patty Hearst, Larry Caveney

Laszlo Laszlo Revesz (Hungary) is refined exponent of computer art. An artist, performer and video maker, Revesz does not, however, abandon the possibility of using painting by experimenting with it in a complex panorama of 'access levels'.
Prestigious institutions have shown his works: Ludwig Museum, Budapest; Musée d'Art Moderne, St-Etienne (France); Slought Foundation, Philadelphia; Palazzo delle Arti, Naples...
                                                                         Deadline love, Laszlo Laszlo Revesz                                                                    

Neil Howe (Australia) works in the area of digital imaging, video and photography. His evocative images can both shock and enchant with their surreal abstractions reminiscent of organic and inorganic elements found in the natural world. He has exhibited at Heide Museum of Art, Melbourne; Ceramic Museum, Lisbon; Casoria Art Museum, Naples; Center for digital Art, Los Angeles.
                                                        Where do you go when you die? Neil Howe                                  

Nina Backman (Finland) works in the margin between, installation, performance and visual art. Her work confronts the viewer with the complicity of the human conditions. Her work asks about life concepts, identities and values.
Nina Backman was born in Helsinki and originally studied Theatre Design at the Liverpool Institure for the Performing Arts in the UK. She received a B.A. Honours.
The artist has participated in national and international exhibitions. Nina Backman lives and works in Berlin.
                                                           Silence project, Nina Backman
Otelo Fabiao (Portugal) lives and works between Southern Portugal and London. His work explores questions about Bifurcation / Fracture / Aesthetics of Risk / Aesthetics of Failure / Phenomenology / Psychogeography / Threshold / Interface.
His artwork has been presented at Plataforma das Artes e Criatividades/Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimaraes CIAJG; Museu Municipal, Faro (Portugal); ]Performance Space[ London; Super Massive Black Hole, Dublin; La Petite Rockette, Paris...
                                                                           EOTIOT #5, Otelo Fabiao                                              

Paul Rascheja (Poland/Germany) studied at the Academy of Arts in Gdansk and decided to focus on the medium of video. In 2001 he moved to Berlin where he works as a graphic and motion designer for advertising agencies and film companies such as MTV and VIVA. Since 2009 he has focused on his own projects, creating several video, films, images and sculptures.
He has shown his works at Galerie Craemer, Berlin; Dumbo Arts Festival, New York; Formverk, Eskilstuna (Sweden); Videoholica Festival, Varna (Bulgaria).
                                                       Fuck, Paul Rascheja

Pil & Galia Kollectiv (Israel/UK) are artists, writers and curators working in collaboration. They studied History and English at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem for their BA and in 2001 graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London. They are currently pursuing a joint PhD. in Art, also at Goldsmiths. Their research focuses on modernism, art and politics, irony and overidentification and the roles of work and leisure in contemporary art. Working mainly in film and performance, they explore the utopian discourses of the twentieth century and the legacy of the avant-garde.
Pil and Galia's work is extensively exhibited internationally and has most recently been shown in the Herzliya Biennale, the Berlin Biennale and the Montreal Biennale. Their solo exhibitions include Te Tuhi Art Centre, Auckland, The Showroom, London and S1 Artspace, Sheffield where they have been artists in residence, and in 2007 they were recipients of the London Artists' Film and Video Award.
                                                                       We will follow Him, Pil & Galia Kollectiv                                                          

Polina Zioga (Greece) is a multimedia visual artist working mainly with photography, digital technologies and new media, creating prints, videos and installations.
She studied at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (graduated in 2002) and at the Athens School of Fine Arts, graduating in 2007 magna cum laude. In 2005 she was awarded a scholarship by The Hellenic National Scholarship Foundation.
Since 2004 her work is being presented internationally in solo and group exhibitions, video-art and film festivals. Her latest solo exhibition “The Shelter” took place in June 2012 at Fournos Center for Digital Culture (Athens, Greece).
                                                                 Tasman-Solace, Polina Zioga

Rita Casdia (Italy)'s work studies the basic mechanisms that rule feelings, focusing mainly on the dynamics generated by emotional connections and sexuality. Video animation, drawing, and sculpture coexist in her installations and articulate an expressive universe rooted in the complex emotional and symbolic content she brings to it.
Casdia has presented works at SACS Museo Riso-Frogorifesi Milanesi, Milan; Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin; Galerie de l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris; Loop Festival, Barcelona.
                                                                      Piccole donne crescono, Rita Casdia

Sabrina Osborne (India/UK) completed her MA in Art Practice with merit at Goldsmiths, London university in 2009. She taught at university in India, conducted workshops and gave lectures and talks in academic and art world settings. She has won national and international scholarships and participated at residencies in Sri Lanka and Mexico. Apart from making eight solo exhibitions, she has exhibited at Tate Britain, National Gallery Bangkok, Museum of Contemporary Art Sofia, Foundation of Indian Contemporary Art New Delhi, National Art Gallery Colombo & Belgrade Art Fair. She was one of the 10 finalists for the 2012 Celeste Prize.
                                                        Untitled, Sabrina Osborne            

Sohrab Kashani (Iran) is an interdisciplinary artist and an independent curator based in Tehran. He works with film, video, image and multimedia and creates site-specific and interactive installations. Part of his on-going artistic project Super Sohrab Sohrab makes comics, videos and outdoor performances.
Sohrab is the director and curator of non-profit art space Sazmanab Platform for Contemporary Arts in Tehran (Wikipedia) and Iranian video-art database Lost in Teh(e)ran.
                                                  Untitled, Sohrab Kashani  
Tommaso Pedone (Italy) director and freelance video-maker graduated from Bologna National Academy of Cinema, works in high definition digital video, taking his ideas from concept through to production. He ranges from video art, dance and theatre productions to art/social documentaries and multimedia projects, expecially projecting them onto monuments and other large areas.
His works have been shown at LACDA Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, USA; Accademia di Romania, Roma; Alexander Palace Museum, Pesaro (Italy); Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Barcelona; GIGUK Festival, Giessen (Germany).
                                                              La metamorfosi di Narciso, Tommaso Pedone

Tommy Becker (USA) attended the San Francisco Art Institute as an undergraduate before receiving his MFA in Film, Video, Performance from California College of Arts in 2001 where he was awarded, "The All College Honor Award". A poet trapped in a camcorder, Becker continues to feed video poems into his never-ending saga, "TAPE NUMBER ONE". Often Becker's work is translated to live spoken word/video performances. In 2005, he was awarded an artist in residency at Headlands Center for The Arts and included in the Bay Area Now at the Yerba Buena Center for The Arts.
His work has been presented at White Columns, New York; Aurora Picture Show, Houston; PDX Film Festival, Portland; Other Cinema and Artist Television Access, SF and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, NY.
                                                                   Disobedient youth, Tommy Becker

Tor Jorgen Van Eijk (Norway)'s works position themselves not only in present times, but create visible and believable an intersection in between past and future of video art. Instead of digital perfection he is focussing on the originally analogue roots of this media.
His work has been exhibited at Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York; Brot.Undspiele Galerie, Berlin; NoPlace, Oslo; Open Space, Victoria, Canada.
                                                               Intermission 3, Tor Jorgen Van Eijk                                                    

Uma Ray (India) received her Master of Fine Arts from Visha Bharati University, Shantiniketan. She works on various projects that deal with the issues that question the real and the unreal or the hyper-real, a feeling of individual crisis that arises out of and in reaction to financial globalization, probably challenging the real essence of the things.
Ray has had shows at Arnot Art Museum, New York; Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples; National Museum of Singapore; Goethe Institute, Alexandria (Egypt).
                                                         The lotus feet, Uma Ray

Yotam Gilad (USA) is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He studied Art and Animation in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel. For the past decade he has been professionally involved in creative commercial projects and personal projects. He uses various forms and techniques in his works, including video, animation, illustration, and mixed media. His works are often described as "loaded with extensive syntax". He claims he would like to make clearer a collective experience through a subjective dissonance.
                                                      Television extractions, Yotam Gilad